Oakridge defeated Ludington 30-18 on Friday night.

Trevor Jones would start the scoring for Oakridge with a 21-yard touchdown rush. The Eagles defense, spearheaded by Jones, added to the scoring total with his tackle for a safety.

Oakridge would strike again, as Evan Miller caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Matt Danicek. Ludington would finally answer, as Trey Forfinski found the end zone for the Orioles. Ludington scored again shortly after as Aidan Gilchrist caught a pass from Chase Hackert. They trailed 14-12.

Evan Miller would find the end zone on a touchdown rush to make the Oakridge lead 22-12 in the fourth quarter. Trevor Jones would add on to the Oakridge lead as he would find the end zone one last time on the ground, makin g certain that Ludington couldn’t come back with the score 30-12 in the fourth quarter. Ludington scored late in the fourth quarter to cut the lead, but it wasn’t enough.