It was quite the battle between the Harper Creek Beavers and Marshall Redhawks on Friday evening.

The scoring started in the first quarter with an 8-yard touchdown pass from Austin Miller to Hogan McCleary to put the Redhawks up 7-0. Harper Creek responded with a pair of rushing touchdowns from Mason Oaks from 4-yards and Jesus Macedo from a yard out to put the Beavers up 13-7.

Marshall would come back and take the lead back with a 77-yard touchdown pass from Austin Miller to Jake Jacoby. Harper Creek would respond with a 16-yard rushing touchdown from KeyShaun Matthews to give Harper Creek a 19-14 lead. Austin Miller would strike again for the Redhawks, this time with a 42-yard dime to Elliotte Dodd to give Marshall a 21-19 lead heading into the break.

Luke Holbrook would put the cherry on top of a Redhawk victory with a 4-yard touchdown rush in the third to give Marshall a 28-19 victory.

Marshall was led by quarterback Austin Miller, who had 17 completions on 20 attempts for 259 yards and three touchdowns. Luke Holbrook accommodated on the ground with 11 carries for 69 yards and a touchdown. Jake Jacoby had 3 catches for 121 yards and a touchdown, averaging 40.3 yards per catch. Elliotte Dodd added 2 catches for 47 yards and a touchdown.

Marshall will be on the road next week at Pennfield, and Harper Creek will host Hastings next Saturday.