It’s early in the Conference portion of the Boys and Girls basketball seasons. The sometimes overlooked OK White boasts a strong outlook with several teams chasing the top spot moving into week 3.

Girls first,

The OK White Lady’s feature several Highly acclaimed athletes that have received Division I offers. To say that everynight will require your A game is a bit of an understatement.

TEAM                                  Conference Record                   Overall Record

Lowell Red Arrows                            3-0                                     10-0

Byron Center Bulldogs                     3-0                                       8-3

East GR Pioneers                               2-1                                       8-2

GR Christian Eagles                          2-1                                       6-3

FHN & FHC                                        1-2                                     5-5 & 3-6

Greenville & Northview                   0-3                                    7-3 & 3-7


This weeks matchups :

Tuesday 1/15….East at Lowell (Listen/Watch LIVE), GR Christian at FH Central, Byron Center at FH Northern, and Greenville at Northview

Friday 1/20…Lowell at GR Christian, FH Northern at East, FH Central at Greenville, and Northview at Byron Center


The Boys season also features several highly acclaimed players that can get the excitement level in the gym well above the ten foot level of the rim. Early indications are the Wildcats of Northview are the odds on favorite to win the conference, but look out for the log jam behind them of four teams sitting at 2-1. Any given night…


Northview                                     3-0                                            9-1

Lowell                                            2-1                                             6-3

GR Christian                                2-1                                             5-2

FH Central                                    2-1                                            5-5

East                                                2-1                                            4-6

Byron Center                                1-2                                            5-3

FH Northern & Greenville         0-3                                      3-5 & 5-5


This week’s matchups:

Tuesday 1/15…Covenant Christian at Bryon Center

Friday 1/20…Northview at Byron Center, Lowell at GR Christian, FHC at Greenville, and FHN at East,

Saturday 1/21…East at Traversse City Central

This could be the best week of OK Conference basketball in the area.