High school bowling action continued across the area. A quick recap:


Allegan 21.5 def Vicksburg 8.5: The Tigers captured a victory over Vicksburg. Andrew Snyder (214-193), Christian Brink (204), and Shane Wesche (204) all posted strong scores for Allegan.


Allendale 25 def West Catholic 5: The Falcons won on Tuesday with a strong team performance. They posted a 221-180 Baker Game set, capturing all ten points. Allendale was led by Sean Jenkins (244-233), Gabe Netzel (160-177) and Nate Diephouse (167). West Catholic saw Jack Verdun (234) and Noah Domeier (221-168) lead the way.


Fruitport 28 def Unity Christian 2: The Trojans cruised to victory over the ‘Saders on Wednesday. Cameron Weaver posted a 256-219 series, while Jray Conklin (256), Zander Leonard (229) and Evan Simonis (200) all had strong single-game performances.


GR Catholic Central 28 def Forest Hills Eastern 2: The Cougars rolled their way to a convincing victory against the Hawks on Wednesday. David Shamblin (247-213) and David Sepulveda (191-206) led GRCC, while Lance Koelzer (160-177) posted FHE’s top score.


Greenville 16 def East GR 14: The ‘Jackets captured ten valuable Baker Games points, and they were able to hold on for a victory. Thomas Mangold (216) and Logan Noble (210-171) led Greenville, while East Grand Rapids was paced by Michael Colombo (235), Finn Moher (211), and Corbin Olsson (202).


Hastings 27 def Battle Creek Harper Creek 3: The Saxons posted 167-169 in the Baker Games to capture all ten points. In the individual games, Gage Richmond posted a 200, while Steven VanOoy scored a 165-171 to earn two points for Hastings.


Hudsonville 17 def Grandville 13: The Eagles topped the Bulldogs on Monday. Grandville captured a sweep in the Baker Games, but Hudsonville earned 17 of 20 points in the individual games. Jaxson Wicker posted a team-high 279 for Hudsonville, while Peyton VanKempen (245-209) had a strong series. Logan Straub posted Grandville’s top series (210-211).


Hudsonville 22 def Grand Haven 8: The Eagles took care of Grand Haven on Wednesday. After a sweep of the Baker Games, they continued to outplay the Bucs. Jaxon Wicker posted the highest single game (235), while Brenden Unseld put together a strong series (210-230). Collin Prokopec (252) and Austin Breuker (225-234) led Grandville.


Jenison 24 def East Kentwood 6: The Falcons captured four Baker Games points, but they only earned two individual points in a defeat against Jenison. James Ansell (187-211) and Parker Lovejoy (181-181) led EK in scoring. Jenison was led by Aspen Pietrzykowski (210-190), Seth Parrow (198) and Noah Miller (203-183).


Parma Western 16 def Hastings 14: The Saxons lost to Parma Western on Tuesday in a close contest. Cameron Eaton (205) posted the highest score for Hastings, while Gage Richmond (179) and Drew Rhodes (175) posted strong scores as well.



Allegan 30 def Vicksburg 0: The Allegan girls blanked Vicksburg on Wednesday with strong performances all the way around. Rainah Spohn (170), Leah Snyder (167), Haylee Thompson (157) and Harleigh Wesche (150) posted the top scores for Allegan.


Forest Hills Eastern 29 def Wayland 1: The Hawks r


Fruitport 16 def Unity Christian 14: The Trojans and ‘Saders battled on Wednesday, and in the end, it was Fruitport that emerged with a victory. Brynna Hanson led the way with a 255-140.


GR Catholic Central 28 def Forest Hills Eastern 2: The Cougars dominated the Hawks in an OK Gold victory. Madi Kehoe (246-178) and Melanie Alvarado (129-193) paced GRCC, while Tina Ferrer (150) posted FHE’s best score.


Greenville 28 def East GR 2: The ‘Jackets cruised to a victory over East Grand Rapids. Kellsey Green led Greenville with a 190-224 series, while Anna Edleman posted a 153-115 for EGR.


Hastings 28 def Parma Western 2: The Saxons dominated Parma Western on Tuesday. Ally Herder (158-181) and Andrea Rhodes (171-157) both earned two points with strong performances.


Hastings 27 def Jackson NW 3: The Saxons won yet again on Thursday, cruising to a victory against Northwestern. Daisy Kerby (109-153), Andrea Rhodes (135-131) and Abby Barton (191-189) earned two points each for Hastings.


Hudsonville 25 def Grandville 5: The Eagles racked up an OK Red victory against the Bulldogs on Monday. Hudsonville swept the Baker Games, and never looked back. Makenna Hendrickson (287-139), Emilee Vis (203-168) and Morgan Blouw (202-146) each topped 200+ scores for Hudsonville. Grandville was led by Emily Brown (224-159).


Hudsonville 25 def Grand Haven 5: The Eagles won a second OK Red match this week when they beat the Bucs on Wednesday. Ciara DeJongh led Hudsonville with a 223, while Morgan Blouw added a 200.


Jackson NW def Hastings: The Mounties topped the Saxons on Thursday. Hastings won four of five individual games in the first set, but lost the total pin count by six. Drew Rhodes (196), Zavion Twiss (193) and Cameron Eaton (180) led Hastings in scoring.


West Catholic 28 def Allendale 2: The Falcons flew to the top of the win column against a short-handed Allendale club. Kayla VanLinden (222-157) and Lily De Young (191-159) led West Catholic in scoring. Allendale only has two bowlers, but both Hadley Detter (174) and Maya Moore (144) had strong performances.