This weekend saw a combination of matches and opens. A quick recap of the area’s action:

(Matches in alphabetical order of the winning team)



Coldwater 24 def Hastings 6: The Cardinals posted a victory on Thursday against the Saxons. Austin Fenstemaker posted a 339 series (186-153), while Gage Richmond posted a 200 individual game high score for Hastings.


Kalamazoo Central 16 def Otsego 14: The Maroon Giants won their first match of 2021 with a victory over the Bulldogs. After winning both Baker Games, they got a single game-high score from Derek Bucknell with a 202. Andrew Jenkins won both of his individual games.


Mattawan 16 def Gull Lake 14


Mona Shores Open Squad 1: Greenville took the title with a 2412 team score. Cedar Springs (2283), GR Christian (2222), Rockford (2148), Wellspring Prep (2017) and Lowell (1948) rounded out the standings. Logan Noble (Greenville, 419, 213-206), Levi Heerma (GR Christian, 412, 179-233), Devin Knickerbocker (Greenville, 408, 183-225), Alex Steil (Cedar Springs, 401, 185-216) and Ethan Plummer (Cedar Springs, 393, 215-178) posted the individual top 5 scores.


Mona Shores Open Squad 2: Mona Shores took home the title with a 2417 team score. Fruitport (2313), Reeths Puffer (2275), Whitehall (2130) and Orchard View (2122) rounded out the team scoring totals. Caleb Leonard (Mona Shores, 480, 243-287), Charlie Glamzi (Whitehall, 409, 223-186), Hunter Johnsen (Reeths Puffer, 404, 191-213), Jon Gemzer (Mona Shores, 396, 209-187) and Evan Simonis (Fruitport, 389, 209-180) are the top five individual finshers.


OK Blue Pre-Conference Tournament: Fruitport captured the OK Blue Pre-Conference tournament with a team score of 2242. Coopersville (2096), Unity Christian (1972), West Catholic (1898) and Allendale (1848) rounded out the final standings. Zander Leonard (Fruitport, 413, 223-190), Evan Simonis (Fruitport, 411, 202-209) and Aydin Johnson (Coopersville, 399, 200-199) posted notable series scores. Jay Conklin (Fruitport, 213) and Tyler DeKock (Unity Christian, 212) had notable individual game highs.


Sturgis 29 def Otsego 1: The Trojans took down the Bulldogs in the opening match of the year. Drake Harker led Sturgis with a 364 series (207-157), while Austin Brady (277, 126-151) was the frontrunner for Otsego.


TC Central 28 def TC Christian 2: The Trojans started the 2021 season with a strong performance. They won eight of the ten individual matches and both Baker Games. Tyler McNalley posted a 371 series (142-229), while Paco Haas led the way with 381 (167-214).



Coldwater 29 def Hastings 1: Coldwater nearly swept Hastings, but Abby Barton prevented that. She posted a 151 score that earned the Saxons their lone point.


Mattawan 26.5 def Gull Lake 3.5


Mona Shores Open Squad 1: The Lowell Red Arrows won the squad 1 title (1915 team score). Greenville (1903) was a close second, while Rockford (1883), GR Christian (1735) and Cedar Springs (1639) rounded out the team totals. Haylie Beers (Lowell, 355, 188-167) won the individual honors, while Savanah Escobedo (Lowell, 353, 196-157), Hailey Gillmore (Greenville, 343, 196-147), Kellsey Green (Greenville, 340, 185-155) and Ruth Diepstra (GR Christian, 336, 158-178) were the other top five individual finishers.


Mona Shores Open Squad 2: Fruitport captured the title in Open Squad #2. They posted a 2033 team score, fifteen pins ahead of Mona Shores (2018). Whitehall (1958) took third, with Reeths Puffer (1714) and Orchard View (1651) rounding out the totals. Karli VanDuinen (Whitehall, 423, 215-208), Bailey Graham (Mona Shores, 386, 212-174), Jessica Plichta (Fruitport, 384, 185-199), Danika Cooper (Mona Shores, 357, 202-155) and Lily Palomo (Reeths Puffer, 337, 159-178) were the top five individuals.


OK Blue Pre-Conference Tournament: Fruitport was the top team in the girls invite with a 1849 team score. Unity Christian (1735), Coopersville (1637) and West Catholic (1373) rounded out the team titles. Oakleigh Chase (Fruitport, 201) and Raegan Dykstra (Fruitport, 200) led the Trojans to victory. The trio of Marissa Stanton (Unity Christian, 182), Madison Schrotenboer (Unity Christian, 177) and Lauren Vander Maas (Unity Christian, 173) helped the ‘Saders take second. Adriana Stevens paced Coopersville with a 188 individual high score.


Sturgis 27 def Otsego 3: Sturgis’ team opened their season with a strong win over Otsego. Kortnie Matz led the Trojans with a 307 series (141-166), while Rachel Newman was the overall top scorer at 313 for Otsego (146-167).


TC Christian 30 def TC Central 0: The Sabres swept Traverse City Central in their opening match. The Trojans were dealing with some injuries, but they battled hard. Ondrea Ream led the team with a 289 series (138-151). Brooke Smith paced Traverse City Christian with a 330 series.