OK Red Cross Country Update

The OK Red Cross Country season continued this week, and all seven teams were in action. Some highlights from meets involving teams in the OK Red:


Caledonia v Hudsonville Dual Meet

The Caledonia boys cross country team ran a perfect meet on Tuesday, as they got the lowest possible score in a 15-49 victory. Donovan Mattson (17:38.46) won the overall race, just 0.48 seconds ahead of teammate Jamin Thompson (17:38.94). Two seconds behind them was Brett Guzman (17:40.64), while Josh Oom (17:41.38), Jordan Domany (17:41.77) and Caden Dixon (17:54.20) gave Caledonia the top six times. Jaben Bakker led the way for Hudsonville with a 17:57.57.

The Hudsonville girls won their dual meet, defeating the Scots 21-38. Tatum Verburg (20:04.86) posted the best overall time, giving Caledonia one point, but Hudsonville placed the next four runners. Kate Heidema (20:36.45), Abby Martin (20:39.66), Sarah Spears (20:51.88) and Alicia Sabin (20:59.77) all had strong meets with their top five performances. They were joined by Elyse VandeGutche (21:20.43) in the scoring column. Barbara DeGood (21:09.34), Kaitlynn Robotham (21:29.31) and Natalia Quigley (21:37.87) rounded out Caledonia’s top ten performances.


East Kentwood v Jenison Dual Meet

The East Kentwood Falcons and Jenison Wildcats tied in the boys cross country race on Tuesday at 28 points. Connor Vachon (16:23.00) won the overall race, while Nick Walter (17:17.40), Cole Visser (17:36.50), Connor Lubberts (17:54.00) and Kaleb Maddox (18:06.60) scored points for the Wildcats. East Kentwood was led by Hamed Mohamed (16:49.20), Shaka Elysee (17:11.30), and Lucas Schneider (17:17.10) in the second, third and fourth position, while Eric Giles (18:04.90) and Maurice Barnes (18:10.70) also earned points.

In the girls race, Jenison nearly ran a perfect meet. They scored 16 points compared to East Kentwood’s 40. Maya Guikema (20:26.60), Claudia TenElshof (20:51.30), Maggie Otto (20:01.20), Lily Strelecki (21:07.20) and Rachael Barone (21:36.80) all turned in top six finishes for the Wildcats. East Kentwood was led by Cadence Schultz (21:24.60) in fifth place, while Soleil Moore (21:40.20), Torionna Waterman (21:50.20), and Alayna Babcock (22:07.00) cracked the top ten.


Grand Haven v Rockford Dual Meet

The Rockford Rams dominated the boys dual meet with a 17-38 victory. The Rams had the top three times of the race, as Jude Parks (15:56.78), Alex Fahey (16:39.92) and TJ Mellema (16:43.57) claimed those spots. Kyle Sweeney (16:57.48) and Carson Lafferty (16:58.94) also scored for Rockford. Nolan Clark (16:52.06) was the fastest runner for Grand Haven, while Logan Vining (17:11.98), Christian Colvin (17:14.31), Jonathan Tysman (17:17.17) and Cole Rodwen (17:24.06) earned points for the Bucs.

Rockford also won the girls race, that game a 23-35 victory. Ava Buitenhuis (19:36.03) was the fastest racer in this meet, but the Bucs next scorers were Payton Hosley (20:18.18), Allison Kelly (20:38.44), Eliza Taylor (20:43.57) and Margot Frendt (20:44.11). Victorious Rockford had six of the top eight racers: Bailey Ewen (19:44.88), Elise VanStensel (19:47.76), Anna Tracey (20:22.28), Emma Flanders (20:26.97), Jessica Harney (20:33.94) and Mara Sweeney (20:34.88).


Grandville v West Ottawa Dual Meet

The Grandville Bulldogs defeated West Ottawa in the boys dual meet by a score of 24-33. Grandville had five of the top eight finishers in this race. Bernardo Saldivar (16:45.20) was the fastest runner while Will Shults (17:41.02), Zach Richards (17:59.73), Justin Gorman (18:06.48) and Evan Kornoelje (18:21.75) also earned points for the team. Carston Cole (17:18.46) and Connor Wooley (17:24.44) finished second and third overall, while Alex Bos (18:18.36), Mayson Levandoski (18:32.25) and Matthew Sober (18:47.39) scored points for West Ottawa.

In the girls race, West Ottawa dominated in a 19-43 victory. Arianne Olson (18:36.52) won the overall race, while Sophie Bonnema (20:16.94), Abby Bonnema (20:17.20), Kaia Denhof (20:37.32) and Megan Postma (20:43.45) got on the scoring sheet. Grandville was led by Allie Arsnman (19:21.28) who finished second overall. Kaylee Scott (21:36.28) was the only other Bulldogs’ runner in the top ten.


Caledonia v West Ottawa Dual Meet

On Friday, the Fighting Scots nearly completed another perfect meet in their win over West Ottawa. They scored 16 points in a thirty-point victory (16-46). Jamin Thompson was able to reclaim the top spot with his 16:24.26, while Josh Oom (16:35.30), Caden Dixon (16:40.74), Jordan Domany (16:42.30) and Brett Guzman (16:53.15) all joined him in the scoring column. West Ottawa only placed two runners in the top ten, fifth place Carston Cole (16:48.58) and eighth place Connor Wooley (17:14.28).

The West Ottawa girls won the dual meet between these two schools in a runaway fashion, 17-41. Arianne Olson (18:44.37), Sophie Bonnema (19:38.17), and Abby Bonnema (19:42.04) finished in the top three spots, while Kaia Denhof (20:12.00) and Megan Postma (20:12.09) scored points. Caledonia was led by Tatum Verburg (19:52.98) who placed fourth, while Natalia Quigley (20:26.36), Barbara DeGood (21:04.20), Kaitlynn Robotham (21:19.06) and Madelyn Fennema (21:58.46) scored for the Fighting Scots.


Allendale Falcon Invite

Several teams in the OK Red were in action at the Allendale Falcon Invite this weekend. Click on the article recapping that event here, for complete coverage.