Hard to believe we already have gotten to week one of the high school football season here in Michigan, and MGN Рthrough our partners at Michigan Sports Radio are thrilled  to be back on the air and bringing bigger coverage than ever this season!


MGN Football Tailgate Report

The best way to get set for the season? Make sure you check out all of the great content that MSR has to offer – But, especially make sure you check out Chandler and myself on the MGN Football Tailgate Report. In our preseason special we take plenty of time to break down the Grandville Bulldogs and what you can expect out of the new-look ‘Dawgs this year (including our weekly ‘Coach’s Corner’ interview with Coach Stiegel). We also rank our preseason favorites in each of the OK conferences (we are well aware that FHC is viewed as the overtime in the white and we each overlooked them), along with our drafting of our own ‘OK Super League’ Conferences. It’s a great way to begin the year so make sure you check it out.


Week 1 – Grandville vs. Glenbard West (IL)

As we mentioned on the show, because of some other previously scheduled broadcast commitments – MGN will unfortunately not have week 1 coverage of the Bulldogs (or any football this year – But, we will certainly make up for it throughout the rest of the season).

The Glenbard West program does have an NFHS feed of the game that will be listed below and on the MGN page.

NFHS Broadcast


Things to Watch – Grandville Week 1

  1. The offseason of change will finally come to a head as the post Terry/Love/Vanderwest offense will make its debut and we’ll see if the defense can continue on their same strong trajectory from last postseason
  2. QB – What exactly will the QB rotation look like for the Bulldogs – will one of Sanders or Smith take the primary reigns, or will be see a combo using the arm of Ian Sanders and legs of Carson Smith like we saw at points last season.
  3. Unknown Factor – Similar to Lockport two years ago, the unknown factor of playing an IL powerhouse may actually lead off the questions. This program is big, powerful and successful – if the Bulldogs come out with a win or strong performance, that could be a good omen for the team projected to be the closest contender to Rockford in the OK-Red


Game(s) We’ll Have Our Eye On

It’s week 1 – We’ll be tuned in to literally all of the games MSR will have to offer and whatever other matchups we can tune into as well. Also, we’ll be interested in watching the Bulldogs’ cross-town rival Hudsonville as they open the year in the big house against a tough Saline squad that features former UM coach Lloyd Carr’s grandson as an underclassmen QB. Like the Bulldogs this could be an interesting matchup to see who gets off on the right foot in the battle for the OK-Red, as teams have only 2 weeks of nonconference to prepare for a tougher-than-ever Red gauntlet.


We’re looking forward to being back on the air next week, as we’ll bring out the 2nd edition of the Tailgate Report sometime in the middle of the week and be on the air for the Bulldogs home opener against an always tough UD Jesuit squad.


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