The Catholic Central Cougars have time and time again this season stepped up and proven they are among not only West Michigan, but the entire state of Michigan’s best teams. This Friday was no different as they demolished the Hawks of Forest Hills Eastern 62-0 to improve their record to 4-0.

In this contest, the game story is very simple, the Cougars dominated from the start. They led this contest 21-0 after the first, 55-0 at half, and 62-0 by the end. The highlight is that a ton of Cougars found their way to the end zone. Erik Grabow scored two touchdowns on the ground, the leading scorer. Nolan Fugate and Drew Gommesen scored the other touchdowns in the first quarter. The other four touchdowns in the second quarter for Catholic Central came from Aidan Burns, Nate Trudeau, Daron Lewis and Nate Stickler. In the third quarter, Jeremy Wolf scored the lone second half touchdown.

The Cougars at 4-0 are 1-0 in the OK Blue, and next week they play their first road game of the season at Spring Lake. For Forest Hills Eastern, they drop to 1-3 and next week they will travel to Middleville to take on the Trojans.


1Q 8:43CC 7-0Grabow 5yd pass
1Q 5:31CC 14-0Fugate 10yd run
1Q 0:46CC 21-0Gommensen 7yd pass
2Q 10:41CC 28-0Grabow 13yd run
2Q 7:34CC 35-0Burns 13yd pass
2Q 7:19CC 42-0Trudeau 27yd pass
2Q 3:39CC 49-0Lewis 11yd pass
2Q 2:00CC 55-0Stickler 10yd run
3Q 3:12CC 62-0Wolf 5yd pass