Month: July 2016

MSR adds isportsweb columnist and former Caledonia football player Nick Tuori to staff

Michigan Sports Radio announced today that they have added local columnist Nick Tuori to their staff for the 2016 football season. Tuori, a Caledonia running back from 2011-2014, now covers Michigan State athletics for Tuori (pronounced TOUR-ee), graduated from Caledonia in 2015, and now attends Michigan State University. He brings to the table not only a wealth of knowledge as a player, but also experience as a sports journalist. In addition to covering MSU for isportsweb, Tuori is a contributor for Tuori will provide weekly columns for Michigan Sports Radio, contribute as a voter to the Power...

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Clearing up the 2016 OK Conference realignment

When high school football kicks off just five weeks from now, the OK Conferences will look much different than they did in 2015. Two schools have been added to the conference conglomerate, while one school (Hastings) has left for greener pastures. 16 teams will play in a different conference than they did a year ago, and the OK Bronze has been axed altogether, reducing the number of conferences from eight down to seven. Teams are on the move across the board, and we’ve got it all sorted out for you here (enrollment numbers in parentheses). OK RED East Kentwood (2,581) The...

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